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Heating ways with solid fuels

Depending on your heating system you have or going to obtain you can use solid fuels to heat your house.In our warehouse you will find firewood, wood briquettes and wood pellets in the most competitive prices.

Select Fireplaces, Wood Stoves and Boilers

The stoves and wood fireplaces are the original traditional heating systems .They are an efficient method of heating, environmentally responsible and affordable. It doesn't just heat your place, but your heart also as you make peace with nature and the warmth of the cord wood. You could burn brick biomass briquettes whether you choose traditional fireplaces or energy efficient ones. With the wood boiler heating is achieved throughout your home with economy and functionality, moreover modern wood boilers do not produce visible smoke and have much lower carbon dioxide emissions that before. Come to us for an affordable and convenient solution depending on your needs.

Think about a Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves are beggining to conquer little by little Greek consumers, a recent technology that has been used the past few years in Europe and North America .So we urge you to become indipendent of oil.
What are Pellets; They are small piecies of dried wood, that many might mix them with rabbit food. Pellets due to their advanced heating technology applied in pellet stoves,their shape and very little moisture produce multiple heat, very little ash and approach the perfect combustion. It's good for the environment, the local economy and your wallet. For extra comfort choose a water circulation stove pellet and we will connect it with your existing radioator heating system.Most stoves have automatic cleaning systems for ash and are electronically regulated .

Central Heating with Biomass and Pellets

You are a demanding costumer and need to cover big spaces? Want heating for your business? You too can get the benefits of biomass and pellet.
Burners and boilers can be adapted to your needs and can operate with wood pellet or cheaper products such as sunflower husk pellets, pellets from agricultural residues or olive remains. Burning pellets in contemporary boilers come with automatic fuel feeding from the storage compartement where the pellet are placed. Their heating performance can reach 90% more than burning simple cord wood, as you will have minimal losses.
Do not hesitate to contact the pellet experts in Greece for an economical and reliable solution to rid yourself from the galloping oil and natural gas prices.We take advantage of your existing heating system for your own benefit so you can achievegreatest of comfort and economy.